Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We'll Take a Cup of Kindness Yet

This is a strange time. Unemployment is running rampant, the economy is in shambles, the housing market and stock-market are both weakening, and some of our largest employers are going under. It is not a good time to think about taking risks, starting new businesses, or investing capital.
But then, it never really is, right? I have a temporary job that could end any day with no notice. The feeling of panic has subsided, because there truly is very little that I can do to change that. The results depend on how the company fares, and what decisions the head honchos make. I just come to work every day, and try to do the best job I can. If nothing else, at least I am getting a great amount of experience and character.

But. There are also all those other things. I hear that the poor economy has created a rise in the interest of crafting. People are making their own, to use, to give as gifts and to provide entertainment, too, I suppose. I doubt somehow that we will return to the days of parlour games and knitting circles, but it’s nice to know that video games and television has totally replaced imagination.

And in the same respect, I have found myself really inspired to make again. We put up some of my paintings in our new place, and between that and going through all my great art supplies while packing, I really feel the creative itch. I am hoping that I might be able to scratch it a bit over the Holidays, and maybe even officially set up my Etsy shop. I did find quite a bit of art that I have decided I could part with. It will be interesting to discover if anyone feels like they need to add it to their home.

And of course, it is the Holidays. Always the time of my best intentions and poor follow through. But the New Year is coming, and I am truly feeling like the conditions might be right for the renaissance I have been waiting for.

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